Gather Round the Table

“Now, Therefore, I, Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States of America, do hereby designate December 15, 1941, as Bill of Rights Day.  And I call upon the officials of the Government, and upon the people of the United States, to observe the day by displaying the flag of the United States on public buildings and by meeting together for such prayers and such ceremonies as may seem to them appropriate.”

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It’s A Saturday Nigh Rant

It seems lately I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic. And that makes me sad in some ways. I long for a time that has passed, and will not come again. A simple time. A rich time.

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Surprisingly Delicious Sunday Supper

Growing up, Sunday dinners were either Roast Beef or Fried Chicken. I cannot remember having a roast chicken, but I haven’t a clue why. Perhaps it’s because Pops hails from Oklahoma, with a very southern country boy upbringing. I’m sure somewhere in the south there might be a chicken roasting, but more often than not it’s fried.

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It’s Chicken Boy Day Yet Again

If you’ve been around before, then you know that September 1 is National Chicken Boy Day. This day is more about the giant Chicken Boy than the restaurant he once called home.

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A Beautiful Tuscan Feast

A few months back, we discovered a little Italian eatery that was amazing. The chef is so talented. Every dish was perfectly executed. The service was flawless. So what was the problem?

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Whiskey Laced Chicken Supper

Is this really the first day in June? Oh my, this year is really flying along. The older I get, the more the days seem to whisk on by. Too bad life doesn’t come with a remote control to fast-forward though life’s difficulties and a pause button to linger in the joys.

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Welcome to Tuscan Thursday

On the National Front, today is Nutty Fudge Day. Who doesn’t love fudge? It’s been a part of my Christmas celebration for as long as I can remember. Dad made upwards of 5 pounds or more every holiday.

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Mellow Monday Chicken Pot Pie

Did you know that today is National Lost Sock Memorial Day? Yep, just as the name suggests, we are encouraged to hold a memorial for all those lost socks, then do something constructive with their mates such as make sock puppets.

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Picnic Chicken and a Walk in the Park

Life is always changing. Two years ago Walk in the Park Day had all sorts of strange restrictions. We were in lock down. People only went out when absolutely necessary. While walks were encouraged, local parks were closed.

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When Life Happens, Punt!

Not long ago one cold winter’s day while putting together our weekly menu, I decided to put Jalapeno-Lime Glazed Drumsticks on the plan for the week. While the garden was no longer producing peppers, the Mexican Market up the street has the most amazing Jalapenos. Spicy supper on a cold night made sense.

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Southern Comfort Chicken and Herb Dumplings

Growing up, one of my fondest memories has to be rainy days and Chicken with Dumplings. I’m really not sure why my Dad would make Chicken and Dumplings when it rained. Maybe that’s because as a construction worker, rain meant no work. And no work meant stretching the food budget.

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Wow – Chicken Taco Enchiladas

As Hubby and I walked the aisles of the grocery store, he with the shopping list in hand, me looking over our choices he noticed that we had Enchiladas on the menu.

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Angel Hair Chicken Scampi

The best part about pairing Chicken with Pasta is that it’s a great way to stretch the food budget in the ever increasing cost of putting a meal on the family table. It’s a challenge we face more and more.

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Creamy Tuscan Chicken Fettuccine

Today is National Chicken Curry Day. Are you a fan of anything curry? It’s one of those spices that you either love or shy away from – like saffron, it can be fairly overpowering.

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Rosa Parks and Wild Card Wednesday

On December 1, 1955, during a typical evening rush hour in Montgomery, Alabama, a small, unassuming woman took a seat on a city bus. She was black, and as the law dictated, she walked toward the back of the bus, finding a seat in the 11th row. She could not sit in the first 10 rows. Those were reserved for white riders only.

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