Praising Trinity Sunday

Happy Trinity Sunday! The Holy Trinity is central to our Catholic Faith. Pope John XXII established this feast day for the whole of the Church in the early 1300s. It has remained a Solemnity Feast ever since. Yet few understand its significance.

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Whiskey Laced Chicken Supper

Is this really the first day in June? Oh my, this year is really flying along. The older I get, the more the days seem to whisk on by. Too bad life doesn’t come with a remote control to fast-forward though life’s difficulties and a pause button to linger in the joys.

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Lemon Pepper Chicken Thigh Supper

Today is special on so many levels. It’s National Popcorn Day. I swear, this day was created just for my Pops, who happens to live on Popcorn. And today just happens to be his birthday. Hum, I wonder if the Powers that Be had a hand in National Popcorn Day and Pop’s birthday being one and the same.

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