Peace Be With You

Peace be with you. And with your spirit. Peace I leave you. My peace I give you. Peace is more than just a greeting among the faithful. It is a hope and a prayer as well as a promise from above. On this, the Second Sunday of Advent, the focus is Peace.

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God’s Heavenly Messengers and Protectors from Above

Sometimes, when we feel strongly about something, we think everyone else surely must think as we do. How could they not? This is especially true when it comes to religious or political outlooks. Sometimes our strong feelings result in expressions of anger and contempt of those who do not see what we see.

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Another Fabulous Friday in Paradise

One day as Hubby and I did our weekly Saturday Morning shopping, I became excited – shrimp was on sale. I love a good buy on seafood, especially shrimp. Hubby shot me a look.

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Oh Look at Those Layers!

July 29 is a very busy National Day – everything from Chicken Wings to Lipstick Day. Add to that the last Thursday in July and you can include both Chili Dog Day and Intern Day. Lipstick Day is all about putting your best painted lips forward. All you lipstick fans can prance about wearing your favorite shade. While you might look fantastic in the kitchen, can’t think of a single recipe that involves lipstick, can you?

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