Movie Night Hot Dog Delight

This is one crazy way to make hot dogs. It’s more about the fun of recreating a night at the movies at home than it is about cooking hot dogs. When Kiddo was a wee-bit younger, we would hold “Movie Night” right in the living room – with all the trappings of “going out to the movies” at least once a month. It was our family date night. A night at the movies at home meant popcorn with lots of butter, soda served from a paper cup with a lid and a straw, really bad nachos (you know, stale chips, microwave cheese and some jalapeno peppers). And hot dogs wrapped in foil. Then we would pile all the food onto trays, rent a couple of age appropriate movies and have a ball.

Making “Movie Night” hot dogs requires the dogs to be cooked twice. I know, sounds crazy, but we loved it. This is really great for sleep-overs or when it’s just a family night of fun. Even now, with Kiddo all grown up, we still like to have an occasional night at the movies right at home.

Movie Night Hot Dog Delight
Hot Dogs – 1 per person
Hot Dog Buns – 1 per hot dog
Onion, coarsely chopped
Tin Foil – 1 piece per finished dog
1 pot fitted with a steamer rack

Place hot dogs into a pot. Fill with enough water to allow dogs to roll as they boil. Bring pot to a boil , lower heat and continue to cook until dogs are heated through.

Remove “cooked” dogs from water. Place in a toaster oven on a broiler pan and “broil” until dog is just beginning to sweat. Roll dogs on rack as needed one-quarter turn until dog is dry of “boiling” water.

Meanwhile, place a steamer over pot that dogs were boiled in. Place a bun, split open, on steamer and steam until warm but not damp, no more than a minute per bun. Place warm, soft bun on a sheet of foil, and repeat until all the buns are soft, warm and ready for a dog.

Remove dog from broiler, place in steamed bun. Top with mustard, ketchup and chopped onions. Wrap tightly in foil to keep everything warm.

When ready to eat, unwrap from foil and enjoy just like you do at the movies!

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Don’t forget the candy!

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