Sourdough French Onion Soup

Years ago, our favorite restaurant was an upscale Italian joint inside the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas. Loved their Onion Soup, served in hollowed out onions. The presentation was great – the flavor out of this world good. The Chef was kind enough to give me the recipe. Unfortunately, it’s a restaurant recipe, with a HUGE amount of ingredients and hours of prep/simmer and whatnot. I’ve been meaning to play around with it over the years; scale things back and tweak it for the home-cook; just never got around to it. Still on my “to do” bucket list of foods.

Recently, I came across a very simply recipe on I loved the presentation – in a hollowed out sourdough bowl with the top of the bread to the side for dunking. However; in reading the recipe; the instructions had you cut up the top and stuff it inside the bowl. Sort of defeats the pretty presentation in my opinion. And there was no booze in the recipe – no white wine or splash of cognac. (Both of which are in the Rio version of French onion soup). What I did like about the recipe besides the presentation was that it was fast – who doesn’t like fast? So with a minimal amount of modification, I came up with my take on Sourdough French Onion Soup.

Sourdough French Onion Soup
3 large Yellow Onions
5 1/2 cups Beef Broth
1/2 Cup White Wine
1/4 Cup Cognac
4 teaspoons Butter
2 teaspoons Flour
4 medium Sourdough Bread Bowls
4 slices Smoked Gruyère Cheese

Thinly slice onions then saute in a large saucepan with butter. After 5 minutes or so add flour, stir and continue to cook.

Add broth, wine and cognac. Bring soup to a boil, then reduce to simmer for 15 minutes.

Cut tops from the bread bowls. Remove center from bowls to hollow out. Take inside of bread, cut into bite-size pieces. Place under the broiler to lightly toast.  Fill bowls with soup, shove toasted bread pieces inside. Cover bowls with slices of smoked Gruyère Cheese, draping over the sides. Place under the broiler until cheese melts and is lightly “browned”.

Serve with tops on the side of the dish for dunking, if desired or just for a nice presentation.

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