The Evolution of Table Scapes

First off, do you set your table? Or do you dine Buffet-Style? We actually do both, but the “birdroom” table is always set.

There are times when I’ll dish up supper straight from the pans on the stovetop or create a buffet spread on the kitchen counter. Everyone helps themselves, sometimes we’ll carry our plates to the nook table and dine together, other times we’ll go our separate ways. Kiddo to his room, Hubby and I to the sofa. Bad habit, I know. Growing up, evening meals were always taken together at the family table. This pandemic has seen a resurgence in family dining. I truly hope it is one of the many adjustments we’ve made that will stick around. Cooking together is another “forced” adjustment that has become a treasure.

Every month I put together a different “theme” for the birdroom table. (No, there aren’t any birds in the room). The birdroom as we affectionately call it is our dining room. On one wall is a mural of a bird. It was there when we moved in. The prior occupants offered to paint the wall some nice, neutral color, but we declined the offer. Part of the charm of this old ranch-style house is that mural. It’s also why I haven’t found curtains yet that fit the feel of the room.

Over the years, my tablescapes have evolved. At first it was just small changes – a new table that went from seating 6 to seating 10. Then runners for the table to reflect the seasons. Eventually, I began setting the table with a different theme for each month. Now it’s a hobby.

January’s table went from “gee, I got stuff I can put on the table” to a “Dreaming of Travel” theme.

February speaks for itself – Valentine’s is the theme of the month.

March is the Luck of the Irish.

It goes without saying (most years) that April is Spring and Easter.

May brings spring flowers.

June – why it’s summertime, of course!

I’ve always thought a home should be warm, inviting and welcoming to all who enter, be it family, friend or stranger who’s friendship will come to pass over a bite of food.

Author: Rosemarie's Kitchen

I'm a wife, mother, grandmother and avid home cook.I believe in eating healthy whenever possible, while still managing to indulge in life's pleasures.

9 thoughts on “The Evolution of Table Scapes”

  1. It was so nice that you decided to keep the mural, it makes the room look so lively, no matter the month. I hope you will continue sharing your themes!


  2. Wow that is the coolest dining room EVER! I love the mural! Amazing! I can definitely see why you did not want it painted over. My favorite theme (other than the 1950’s) is tropical/rainforest. I love parrots. SUPER impressed with your Bird Room and how you set the table too! Thanks for sharing!


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