Seared Steak with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce

While most “National” sites agree that August 28 is Red Wine Day, one lone site has declared today to be both National Mushroom Day and National Red Wine Day. As far as I am concerned, that’s a great combination. Who doesn’t like wine and mushrooms?

In the past we’ve celebrated today with a Braised Mushroom Red Wine Sauce that can be served with your favorite steak or simply enjoyed on their own. We’ve also served up a French Inspired Mushroom Chicken in a Red Wine Sauce that is served over Garlic Pureed Potatoes. Both are wonderful choices.

This time around we’re cooking up a perfectly seared Ribeye Steak that is smothered in a Red Wine Mushroom Sauce. Don’t you just love having a fine steakhouse special that is made in the comfort of your own kitchen? What is it about a good, well-seasoned cast iron skillet that brings forth a beautiful steak? And let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with a Ribeye. This primal cut comes from the beef rib (no kidding?); falling between the chuck (shoulder) and the loin. For those counting, the Ribeye spans from the sixth through the twelfth rib. It’s fantastic marbling melts as the steak cooks, creating a juicy, bold steak. No doubt, this steak is the perfect cut to pair with a well-executed yet remarkably simple Red Wine Mushroom Sauce.

Pan Seared Ribeye Steak with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce
Ribeye Steak
16 oz boneless Ribeye Steak
Kosher Salt to taste
Fresh Black Pepper to taste
1 tablespoon Olive Oil

Remove the steak from its packaging. Pat dry with paper towels, season with Kosher Salt and fresh pepper. Allow steak to rest at room temperature for about an hour. Pat dry again with paper towels just before cooking.

Place a well-seasoned cast iron skillet on the stove over a high heat. Once the pan is hot and smoking, add the olive oil and place the steak in the hot pan.

Let the steak sizzle on the first side for about 1 minute, With tongs flip the steak over and sear the other side. Continue to cook over the high heat for about 5 minutes, flipping every 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Check for doneness. For medium-rare meat, 120 to 125-degrees is ideal. Remember the steak will continue cooking after being removed from heat.

Place steak on a cutting board, tent with foil or invert a metal bowl to cover steak. Let rest while the sauce is made.

Red Wine Mushroom Sauce
1 Shallot
8 oz sliced Creminis Mushrooms
1-1/2 teaspoons fresh Thyme
1 cup Red Wine
3 tablespoons Butter
Pinch Fine Sea Salt
Fresh Black Pepper to taste
Thyme Sprigs for garnish

Peel and thinly slice shallot, set aside. Clean, stem and slice mushrooms, set aside. Strip thyme leaves from the stem, set aside.

Lower the heat under the cast iron skillet to medium. Once the pan has cooled just a tad, add more oil. Scatter shallots, mushrooms and thyme in the pan. Sauté for about 5 minutes, or until the mushrooms begin to brown and soften. Add the red wine and scrape the bottom of the pan with a wooden spoon to get up any brown bits.

Bring red wine mushroom sauce to a boil. Cook until it reduces by about half, about 8 minutes. Reduce the heat to low, stir in the butter. When the butter has melted, remove the sauce from the heat. Season with sea salt and black pepper, to taste.

Slice steak into strips. Serve the steak with red wine mushroom sauce drizzled over the top. Enjoy.

Now I ask you what steak dinner is complete without some yummy sides? Try serving this with Butter Glazed Carrots with Fresh Tarragon and Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes. Wow!

Butter Glazed Carrots with Fresh Tarragon
1 lb Carrots
Water as needed
3 tablespoons unsalted butter
1-1/2 teaspoon Sugar
Kosher Salt to taste
2 tablespoons Tarragon, finely chopped

Wash and peel carrots. Cut into1/2-inch rounds. Place cut carrots into a small sauce pan. Make sure carrots are arranged snugly. Add enough water to the pan to just barely cover the carrots. Add butter, sugar and ½ teaspoon salt. Bring carrots to a boil over high heat.

Continue to cook carrots over medium-high heat, shaking the pan occasionally until the liquid is reduced to a glaze and the carrots are tender, about 8 to 10 minutes.

Should the carrots be done before the liquid has reduced to a syrup-glaze, use a slotted spoon to remove the carrots from the pan and continue to cook liquid until it has a glaze consistency. Should liquid boil off before carrots are tender, add more water in ¼ cup measurements as needed and continue to boil until a syrup consistency is achieved.

Lower the heat to medium-low. Add the tarragon and toss to combine. Taste and season the carrots with additional salt as needed. Place carrots in a serving dish and enjoy.

Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes
2 large White Onions
3 tablespoons Olive Oil, divided
Kosher Salt as needed
2-1/2 lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes,
4 Garlic Cloves
White Pepper to taste

Peel and finely chop the onions; set aside.

In a large skillet, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil over medium-low heat. Add onions, season with salt. Cook, stirring frequently, until onions are caramelized, 35 to 40 minutes. Keep warm.

Peel potatoes, cut into quarters and place in a saucepan with enough water to cover potatoes by 1 inch. Peel garlic, grate over the potatoes. Stir to blend. Bring pot to a boil, the add Kosher Salt to taste. Cover; reduce heat and summer until potatoes are tender, about 15 minutes or so.

Place a colander in a large metal mixing bowl. Drain potatoes into the colander. Lift from the bowl, let drain completely. Reserve 1 cup of the cooking liquid, discard the rest.

Return potatoes speckled with garlic to pan. Add remaining 2 tablespoons olive oil; season with salt and white pepper. Mash until smooth, adding reserved liquid as needed. Stir in onions, taste and adjust seasonings as needed. Serve immediately.

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I'm a wife, mother, grandmother and avid home cook.I believe in eating healthy whenever possible, while still managing to indulge in life's pleasures.

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