Family Traditions and The Sunday Roast

Today is the 4th Sunday of the Lenten Season. So why are we talking about a big, beautiful Roast Beef smack dab in the middle of Lent? Two reasons. First, it’s Sunday! Sundays are traditionally a time for family, for celebration and a day for reconnecting. Even during the abstinence of Lent, Sundays are a reason to rejoice. Secondly, it’s Sunday! Once upon a time, Sunday’s Roast was a part of family life. Now, not so much.

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French Dip Italian Roast Beef Sandwiches

Strange title, I know. But keep reading – it will make sense. I promise! This recipe was inspired by a recipe I found on It’s one of those awesome cooks itself recipes that we all love so much. Yep, I tweaked it a bit right out of the gate, and I am oh so glad I did.

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