Summertime and the Catfish Are Jumping

Oh my, that Catfish looks more like a shark with whiskers. With nearly 3,000 known species, catfish are one of the most divers groups of vertebrates on the planet.

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National Mississippi Day and Southern Eats

Today is National Mississippi Day. The 20th state to join the union, Mississippi is home to the Delta Blues. Mississippi is one of the first states children learn how to spell with a simple crooked-letter humpback rhyme. It’s also how many of us count seconds – one Mississippi, two Mississippi.

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Alton’s Southern Fried Catfish

While there are no new episodes of Good Eats, watching the reruns was a favorite pastime of mine. Alton Brown’s approach to giving you a recipe reminded me of my own approach to teaching our Catholic Faith to Kiddo. What? Cooking and faith taught in the same way? Yep.

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Catch ’em While You Can – Oven-Baked Catfish

Growing up a Catholic in the 1950s and 60s meant eating a lot of fish sticks. If it wasn’t a fish stick, it was deep fried catfish. To this day, I still love a good catfish fry. But there are other ways to skin that fish and have it taste just as good. Take this oven-baked catfish. Too simple and way too delicious to be the real deal, yet it is. Served up with seamed broccoli and you’ve got all the makings for a beautiful yet healthy alternative to a down home fish fry.

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Sufferin’ Succotash It’s Pan-Seared Catfish

As our old pal Sylvester the Cat would so often say, “Sufferin’ succotash!” It’s one of those expressions I heard on Saturday mornings growing up thanks to cartoons, and never questioned its meaning. It was understood as the utterance of frustration, a polite “Jesus Christ” that conveyed a level of discontent without the need to take the Lord’s name in vain. While I can remember hearing the expression from cartoon characters, I don’t recall ever hearing it from the lips of actual people.

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An Old Fashion Southern Catfish Fry

When I was barely knee-high to a grasshopper (meaning very young for those of you who are scratching your heads), my Dad often showed up at my elementary school. He wanted to go fishing, and wanted to take his fishing buddy along. Way back then, anywhere along the Sacramento Delta was good for fishing. All you needed to do was to find a wide spot in the road, pull over to park, then hike down the embankment to the wide, lazy river.

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Cajun Fish Fry

One of the things I like about this Fish Fry recipe is that everything is to taste. You can make it as spicy or mild as you wish. Recipes like this one invite the chef/home-cook to be creative, to use their senses and follow their hearts.

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