An Oh So Tropical Escape

Has another year past since we last toasted National Daiquiri Day? Wish I could say time flies when we’re having fun, but I think time flying has more to do with getting old. The older we get, the more the days sail by. I think we reach a point in life when we realize there is an expiration date.

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I’ll Drink to That

Today is the day to raise your glass and toast National Daiquiri Day. For those unfamiliar with a Daiquiri, it’s a cocktail in the rum family that typically brings together the Pirate’s favorite liquor, citrus juice and sugar.

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Frozen Georgia Peach Daiquiris

Today is National Daiquiri Day. Lucky us – a good excuse to unwind with a wonderful Peach Daiquiri at the end of the day. Oh how I adore anything with a peach – one of my all time favorite fruits! We all know that summer and Georgia Peach go hand in hand. What better way to enjoy that luscious fruit than as a slushy for grownups. So break out the blenders everyone and come join the party!

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