Best Darn Taco-Margarita Bar in Town

Let’s start with mixing up our own Taco Seasoning, making our own Chorizo and then putting out a build-it-your-way Taco bar. Who needs restaurants to be open? A restaurant means you have to put on pants, get in the car and drive somewhere. Depending upon where you live and how “open” things are, that could be a long, long drive. Making a Taco Bar at home doesn’t require any of that. Okay, maybe pants would be nice, but not required.

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What’s Not to Love about Today?

It’s only fitting that National Margarita Day and California Day happen to fall on the same day. After all, if you are going to get down to the nuts and bolts of California Cuisine, it’s got to have a heavy Mexican influence. And what goes better with Mexican Cuisine than Margaritas?

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