Have Your Cake and Pudding, too

With fall just aroun’ th’ corner, think pumpkins and butterscotch and th’ flavors o’ th’ season. Tis National Butterscotch Day! Yo-ho-ho me matie! Nay party would be complete without a cake. So let’s have our cake and puddin’ too.

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Irish Whiskey Mini Flute Cakes

Surprise surprise – decided to go with something Irish after all. I can’t stand this feeling of doom and gloom. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am avoiding much of the news reports with all their speculation. I’ll look to the CDC and WHO for updated, but I’m not going to dwell on things. At least not today.

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Towering Cake of Chocolate Delights

Today in National Lasagna Day. My original thoughts were to post a traditional Lasagna recipe. Then I realized we would be bombarded by traditional Lasagna recipes. Besides, you know me – striving to think outside the box. That’s when I thought about a Chocolate Lasagna. Always a big, creamy hit in our house. But then I realized the only thing that makes it a “lasagna” are all the layers. And what has more layers than this 14-layer Cake? So I scraped the idea of Lasagna anything.

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Butter Brickle Toffee Yellow Cake

Once upon a time, my favorite ice cream was Butter Brickle. You could find it at any well-stocked grocery store. Then one day, it was gone. Poof. Vanished. I haven’t a clue why. It came down to making my own Butter Brickle Ice Cream,  take an hour’s drive north to the original Gunther’s location where you stand in a line that snaked out the door and around the corner or take an even longer drive to tiny hamlet of Locke along the Sacramento Delta. There they have a hole in the wall old-fashion ice cream parlor that carries Gunther’s Ice Cream.

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