Best Wishes to the Corp

On this day in 1775, the Continental Congress first established the Continental Marines. Two battalions of Marines fought for America’s independence both on land and at sea. The Corps was abolished at the end of the Revolutionary War. Can you imagine?

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How Ugly is Ugly?

Welcome to the 3rd Friday in December. Officially, it’s National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. Since 2011, National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day has grown to be an international event. It’s a fun excuse for holiday lovers and ugly sweater wearers to break out their most obnoxious winter holiday wear.

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Let’s Celebrate Life Every Day with Cupcakes

When it came to a recipe to share, I really struggled with something new. Whenever I’m feeling less than inspired, I like to check out the National Calendar to see what the day has in store. It’s Moldy Cheese Day – doesn’t sound appetizing. And then there’s Pizza and Beer Day. Except I’m not a big pizza fan nor do I drink beer. So what else . . .

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