Teacher Appreciation and Beyond

Here it is, the second day of May. This year really seems to be flying right along. Today is World Tuna Day, Foster Care Day, Life Insurance Day, Truffle Day and best of all; Teacher Appreciation Day. Can you believe this is the first time I’ve given a shout out to Teacher Appreciation Day?

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Election Night and All-American Hot Dogs

This is it – Mid-Term Elections. People on both sides of the political fence are holding their breath. Will there be a Red Wave? Will Blue hang on? And what about state issues? In California, as in the country, there is much at stake.

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Jersey Grilled Hot Dogs

Welcome to Mellow Monday. Our weekends tend to be fairly hectic. There’s the usual errands on Saturday and Mass on Sunday. In between, we like to be as active as possible – attend fairs, stroll farmer’s markets, or just get together with friends and family.

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What Do You Want to Eat?

Today is the most amazing Foodie Day on the planet. It’s National Eat What You Want Day. It’s a day to set aside diets and restrictions, within reason, and just indulge without guilt. I would not recommend a diabetic (like me) eating a Costco Seven Layer Chocolate Cake, that would be suicide by sugar – not good.

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