National Ohio Day and More

The Buckeye State, Ohio, was the 17th state to join the Union. Today is National Ohio Day. Last year, I gave you Slow-Cooker Cincinnati Chili and all that goes with it. This year I think we’ll go in another direction.

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National Ohio Day and Slow-Cooker Cincinnati Chili

November 2nd is National Ohio Day. As America began its western expansion, Ohio was the 17th state to join the Union and the first state to enter the country from the Northwest Territory. It’s also home to what the Smithsonian called one of the top 20 Iconic foods of America – the Cincinnati Chili. Texas chili fans find Cincinnati’s chili weak – far too thin, without enough spicy sizzle. But then most true chili fans are under the impression that Cincinnati Chili is some weird form of Chili Con Carne served over spaghetti. Cincinnati Chili is anything but.

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