Aidells Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Meatball Kabobs

Hubby, Kiddo and I are an unusual family. We live together, play together and up until recently even worked together. Yep, for years we all worked for the same party and event rental company. Together we have been involved in the behind the scenes productions of high-end events from celebrity weddings to red carpet affairs, from Grand Prix racing to soccer matches and everything in between. While my guys are still working in the event industry, I am now retired.

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Chicken Teriyaki with Pineapple Rings

Years ago, a couple of friends opened a restaurant in a little strip-mall food court. Their place was called “The Teriyaki Hut”.  They were Filipino-Hawaiian transplants to the Nevada desert. Their little eatery predominately specialized in dishes from Hawaii (although Teriyaki is actually a Japanese cooking technique of broiling or grilling foods that are glazed in a mixture of soy, mirin and sugar).  I often wondered why they didn’t concentrate on the Filipino side of their heritage. After all, Las Vegas has a huge Filipino population. I suppose my friends wanted to set themselves apart since there were already a number of established strip-mall eateries serving up Pancit, Adobo and Lumpia.

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