Traveling Dinner Party – Part 10 – Conclusion

Bet you thought Part 9 was it – the end of our traveling dinner party. After all; Part 9 was all about desserts. Aren’t desserts the end of any meal? Yes – most of the time. However; lavish affairs generally end as they began.  Friends gather, raise a glass and toast the success of an evening well-spent.

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Traveling Dinner Party – Part 9 – Desserts and Sweets

Have you been keeping track of all the twists and turns of this elaborate, multi-course menu? No matter, because at long last, we have arrived at dessert! Be it the 5th, 7th or 9th course of the evening – dessert is dessert.

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Traveling Dinner Party – Part 8 – The Salad

We have reached the salad course. While most Americans today serve a salad at the beginning of the meal or along side an Entrée; the European style of dining (particularly French and Italian) places the salad at the end of the meal; before the dessert or cheese courses. There are a lot of theories out there as to why this is done. The bottom line is that a salad at the end of the meal serves two purposes – it refreshes the palate; a break between the savory flavors of the Entrée and the sweetness of the dessert and it aids in the digestive system. Personally, I feel “special” when having a salad at the end of the meal, knowing that the sweets are soon to follow. Hubby has his own theory – a chilled salad will hold in the refrigerator, and he’d rather enjoy his hot food while it is piping hot.

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Traveling Dinner Party – Part 7 – Fowl or Vegetable Entrées

Things are getting complicated, aren’t they? Yet here we are, at the seventh course in a full ten course feast, assuming you served before dinner drinks as a gathering point and appetizers once seated. For those of you serving an eight-course feast, we are now at the fifth course of the evening (the 2nd Entrée offering – the smaller portion of the Entrées offered). With a six-course supper, simply view this as further considerations for the Main Entrée .

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Traveling Dinner Party – Part 6 – Red Meat Course

A great deal of debate went into this next post. We have reached the 6th, 4th or 3rd Course of the night, depending upon how many courses total are to be served. This is the 1st Entrée in both the ten and eight course supper; the main Entrée in a six-course dinner party.  It is the larger of the Entrée courses; typically meat, fish or foul is served with one or two vegetable selections. (The exception to serving a vegetable with the 1st Entrée would be if the 2nd Entrée is a vegetable only course). Rather than offer up a few meat; a few fish and a few foul recipes only to repeat meat, fish or foul again later, I’ve decided to break things up.

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Traveling Dinner Party – Part 5 – Sorbet Between Courses

How’s the planning of your Traveling Feast coming? Is your head just swimming with wonderful thoughts and ideas? If you are anything like me, the biggest struggle has been to narrow down the choices.

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Traveling Dinner Party – Part 4 – Fish Course

Fish! Yeah, we’ve reached the Fish Course! Now we’re talking – getting down to the real food – the larger courses. For those of you keeping track, it’s the 4th course of a ten course traveling feast. For an eight course meal, the fish course could be one of two “main” courses; for a six course meal fish could be the only “main” course of the night. Confused? Let’s back up a moment.

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Traveling Dinner Party – Part 3 – Soup Course

We’re on to the next Course in our roaming supper – Soup!! In a Ten Course Feast, this is the 3rd course of the night. For a typical six or eight course meal, we have reached the 2nd course (having combined the first two courses – cocktails and appetizers) into a single event.

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Traveling Dinner Party – Part 2 – Cocktails and Appetizers

Have you started your wild and crazy dinner party plans yet? To get started; be sure to check out Traveling Dinner Party – Part 1 – Introduction.

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Traveling Dinner Party – Part 1 – Introduction


Have you ever had a meal that you wish could go on forever and a day? Have you ever planned an entire menu that was better suited to another time – say in the spirit of the Edwardian in era?

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