It’s An Angel of a Day

Welcome to the second Sunday in October. Wow – second Sunday – time is just flying by. Today is National Clergy Appreciation Day. We are reminded to recognize all the good works of our ministers, pastors and priests.

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Summertime Skewered Dessert Fondue

Do you ever look at pictures of food and figure out a new recipe just from the picture? I wanted something different – something light. That’s when I saw a picture of what appeared to be berries and cake on a bamboo skewer. How utterly simple!

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Angle Food Cake with Luscious Glazed Berries

Okay – confession time. I really don’t have much in the way of a recipe. I mean, how much of a recipe do you need? Store bought Angle Food Cake, store-bought glaze. Whipped cream – okay maybe a recipe for whipped cream would be a good idea. Strawberries? Fresh is best.

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