When Sliced Bread was King

First, let’s start with Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I suppose we should have shared a recipe fitting for Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving, but that seemed a bit late to me. Which is why today’s share is all about childhood memories instead.

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Summertime S’mores if You Please

One of the things I remember growing up was that excited anticipation for our turn at the charcoal grill. Dad would barbecue up something special, like his Marinated Beef Kabobs or fresh ground burgers. When he was all finished, those glowing red coals were ours. And nothing is better to a child then making your own gooey, dripping with molten goodness S’More. From a child’s perspective, the whole point of stoking the Weber or building a campfire in the evening is for roasting marshmallows. When I got older, I appreciated a campfire for it’s evening warmth and piping hot morning coffee. But as a child, it was all about toasting marshmallows.

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Franks and Beans and Childhood Memories

Kiddo came wandering into the kitchen and offered to help with dinner. I love that about him – offering to help. I told him I had dinner under control. I mean, how much help do you need when making Franks and Beans?

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