Oh What a Devilish Day

Today we observe one of the most delicious days of the year – Devil’s Food Cake Day. Devil’s Food Cake is sinfully richer than most other chocolate cakes. And with good reason.

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Celebrating Life with a Cherry on Top

Is today National Spumoni Day? Yep, we’ve already established that. Spumoni is a blend of flavors in a gelato or ice cream. Traditionally those flavors are a fruit, a nut and a pedestrian flavor such as vanilla or chocolate. Yet there is nothing ordinary about Spumoni. It inspires such deliciousness.

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Classic Steakhouse Father’s Day Supper

Hubby likes eating at a good steakhouse. You know the kind I’m talking about, with baskets of warm bread brought to the table while you decide which of a zillion different steak options you are in the mood for. The menus look like small phone books with page after page of dining choices. When the bread runs out, no worries because there are buckets upon buckets of roasted peanuts still in the shell to keep you occupied. Just crack ’em open, toss the shell on the floor and pop those addictive nuts into your mouth. I don’t know how it is in your family, but with mine we are so full of bread and nuts that the meal itself is an after thought. Maybe there should be a restaurant that serves only warm bread and peanuts in the shell. Oh wait, those are called saloons!

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