Triple Chocolate Delight – Oh My!

Welcome to the 26th day of November. This year it is also known by a variety of other names, most notably Black Friday. In America, Black Friday is the official kick-off to the holiday shopping insanity. Die hard shoppers and bargain hunters will sacrifice Thanksgiving with family to wait in line for that mad dash to score those deals. It’s some sort of right of passage for some.

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Earthquake Cake and The Richter Scale

As National Days go, April 26th is a humdinger. National Audubon Day, Dissertation Day, Kids and Pets Day, Pretzel Day, Help a Horse Day, South Dakota Day, Arbor Day, Hairball Awareness Day (I’m not sure if that is for our cats or us) and finally National Richter Scale Day. The minute I realized it was National Richter Scale Day I knew I had the perfect recipe. After all, what does the Richter Scale measure but Earthquakes. Unless an earthquake strikes in the middle of nowhere and you happen to be there to experience the rocking and rolling, earthquakes are not a good thing. However; Earthquake Cakes are awesome! Traditionally speaking, Earthquake Cakes are made with coconut flakes. While I don’t mind a little coconut in my cake, my guys would say no way. They’d rather be in an earthquake than eat cake with coconut. Some non-coconut bakers have used chocolate chips. I decided to go one better, and add peanut butter chips, too.

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