Grilled King Crab Legs with Garlic

cowboy_steak-1Since just before Thanksgiving, our local Costco has had a seafood and meat case in the middle of the fresh food section. It looks like those cases in the old-time butcher stores, with offerings behind glass and an apron-clad clerk waiting to take your order. The steaks and roasts in the cases are enormous! You know those Cowboy Cut Rib Eye Steaks that were making the rounds on the cooking shows a while back, but you couldn’t seem to find them at your local grocery store? Yep, they got them! One steak will feed an entire family. And those big steaks come with an equally big price tag.  While the presentation is on a grand scale, you are paying a good deal of money for a handle bone that you cannot eat.  Did I want to buy one? You bet. However; I just could not justify the cost.

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