Sometimes You Gotta Have Junk

Before we get to today’s recipe share, I just need to take a moment to acknowledge the day from a purely Catholic Perspective. Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. Mary was given this title to honor her suffering as she followed her Son to his crucification. There are too many mothers in the world who have lost their sons to violence. It really doesn’t matter if the violence is justified or not, a mother’s loss is no less real. May our Blessed Mother comfort all mothers in their time of sorrow.

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In-N-Out Style Double-Double Burger

America’s first Drive Thru opened at In-n-Out in 1948

For those of you living outside California, parts of Utah, Oregon, Nevada or Texas, you might not be familiar with In-N-Out Burgers. These are simple burgers, grilled up with fresh ingredients and topped with a whole slice of raw onion, their “signature”.

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