Eating Smart and Seasoned Tilapia Fish Fry

Can we talk fish for a moment? Tilapia sure have been getting a bad reputation for a while now. These fish are generally farm-raised, cheap to bring to market and best of all don’t have that strong “fishy” taste that generally turns people off. Cheap and tasty – that’s what makes Tilapia so popular. Yet we hear warnings. So are Tilapia bad for us?

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It’s Friday – Let’s Pan-Fried our Tilapia

Before I share with you today’s Fish Fry, I need to go off on a rant for a moment. I wanted to do a little research into the types of fish Jesus might have eaten. He was Jewish, so the fish was scaled and not skinned, as in no catfish. Tilapia was and still is very common throughout the world. Personally, I like it for its mild flavor and flaky fry. Anyway, as I was floating around the internet I came upon a question posted way back when. It was a woman looking to bake bread for her mother’s church communion. And so begins my rant.

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