New Orleans Bourbon Street Glazed Ham

Today is All Saints Day. For Catholics, it is a Holy Day of Obligation, and we are required to attend Mass. Truth be told, not all Catholics, including yours truly, manage to meet that Obligation. What I do like about All Saints Day is that it celebrates all those who have reached the ultimate destination – Heaven. The Church honors everyone in Heaven, known and unknown. I love the fact that the Church admits there might be things in the Heavens and on Earth and of God that they don’t know.

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The One-Hour Holiday Meal Miracle

Have you seen the awesome recipe from Chelsea’s Messy Apron? Not only did she bring together all the traditions of Easter Dinner, she did it in two baking sheets and all in under an hour! Too good to be true! While this might not serve a large group, it’s perfect for a small family gathering. And it doesn’t require a kitchen turned up-side-down. While the dinner is cooking in the oven, a quick wash of a few bowls and pans makes clean-up a snap. Line the baking sheets with heavy foil, and clean up just got even easier. This is a great idea not only for Easter, but anytime you want to serve up a wonderful “Sunday” supper without a lot of work.

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