Mango and Jicama Salad

Growing up, we were all fans of Mangoes – except my brother, but then his eating habits are beyond bad. I guess that’s to be expected since Mangos are the national fruit of the Philippines, my mother’s homeland. The little heathens that we were, we ate our mangos “uncivilized”. Mom would cut the top and bottom off the mango, stand it on end and slice the flesh away from the pit. Mom would then “dice” the flesh, taking care not to cut through to the tough skin. We turned the mango inside out and we would eat the yummy, sweet fruit right out of the skin. A civilized person, it seems, would slice along the skin and serve the cubes in a bowl. But hey – Mother Nature already provided the bowl – right? I love mangos! While mangos of the Mexican variety are more fibrous than their Asian counterparts, both are very sweet and juicy when fully ripe. An un-ripened mango is sour, more commonly found in chutney.

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