Classic Grilled Hamburgers

Depending upon who you listen to, either May 28 or August 27 are National Burger Day. While the majority of sites dedicated to letting us know what National Day are when agree on May, one lone site continues to insist on the August date.

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Amazing Pub Burgers

Have you ever wondered about National Days? You know, National Kiss a Frog Day or National Fold a Pizza Day or any number of other National Days. There is at lease one for every day of the year, and in most cases three or four or more.

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Is It National Burger Day?

While the entire rest of the world celebrates National Burger Day on May 28; one lone site claims that National Burger Day is actually August 27. Everyone else heralds in Summer with a National Burger Day, and that makes sense. So too does a National Burger Day at the end of summer – a swan song to the season if you will.

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