Boo – It’s National Caramel Apple Day!

Times they are a changing – and have been for a while now. Did you Trick or Treat as a child? Trick or Treating – and the treats themselves have changed.

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Creepy Halloween Supper with a Yummy Finish

Obviously, today is Halloween. To celebrate or not to celebrate. The verdict for many was up in the air – with the Delta Variance, there was talk of yet another Halloween cancelation. Long before October, family-oriented gathering places in California began to announce the cancelation or strict modification for Halloween festivities.

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Celebrate National Caramel Apple Day with Cupcakes

Today is more than just National Caramel Apple Day. Today is also National Trick or Treat Day, and not because it’s also Halloween, This year that happens to be a happy coincident. National Trick or Treat Day is officially the last Saturday in October. Which means in the next 10 years, Halloween and Trick or Treat Day are only the same day twice – this year and again in 2026.

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National Caramel Apple Day and Caramel Apple Fondue

It seems only fitting that National Caramel Apple Day and Halloween are one and the same. Just as black cats and witches shine on Halloween, so too do Caramel Apples taste better on this night.

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