Ember Days Wednesday and Spicy Crab Balls

Today is the first Ember Days of the Lenten or Spring Season. Last year, Ember Days Wednesday happened to fall on National Corn Tortilla Chip Day. This year we have both Crab Meat Day and National Meatball Day for inspiration.

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Oh My, It’s Crabmeat Day!

Today is National Crabmeat Day. For us, the best part of the Lenten Season are the Crab Feed Fundraisers. In the past, these were social occasions. Sadly, last year many churches canceled their events completely in the wake of the pandemic.

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Cheesy Goodness at Its Best

On the National Day front, we had a lot to choose from today. Let’s start with my personal favorite, National Get Over It Day. And yeah, just like the name implies, it’s a day set aside for everyone to “just get over it already.” What? Get over it? Yeah!

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