Celebrating Parenthood and More!

May gives us Mother’s Day. June gives us Father’s Day. So it stands to reason that July would give us Parents Day. Parents play in important role in the lives of their children.

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Indiana Cravings and Fast Food Goodness

For whatever reason, when it comes to Indiana Day, I’ve skipped over it, opting instead for a variety of other things to share. Most notably is that November 16th is also National Fast Food Day. This oversite makes Indiana one of only two states in the Union we haven’t celebrated. That simply won’t do.

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Can You Guess What Day It Is?

If you guessed National Fast Food Day, then you’d be right. Today is the day we celebrate all the flavors and convenience of Fast Food Dining. You can use the drive-thru to get your fix or get out of your PJs and dine-in.

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