Sunday Nachos and More

Hey there – do you know what time it is? If you live in America or one of those other countries that has time change rules, it’s time to use up all that daylight we’ve been saving since spring. Yeah, saving daylight is over.

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Two Delicious Days in One Awesome Dish

Welcome to the sixth day of November, and the first Saturday of the month. Today we are blessed with not one but two delicious Foodie Days. The 6th of November is National Nacho Day. And the first Saturday of November is National Bison Day.

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Friday Nights and Nacho Delights

Today is National Nachos Day, a day set aside to celebrate a Mexican Dish that has tantalized Americans since Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya first served them up to a group of Army wives in 1943. While I fully intend to make Nachos for my family tonight, we hardly need an excuse.

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