Island Rice with Peas

pink-beach-bermudaThe beauty of food is that it can transport you anywhere. Yearning for a stroll through the streets of Paris? For me, sweet crepes or a creamy Chocolate Mousse and a glass of champagne will do the trick. Food can recapture a memory or fulfill a desire. Sometimes I yearn to dig my feet into the beautiful pink sands of Bermuda, lay back and let the warm tropical waves wash over me. Now the chances of jetting off to Bermuda on a whim are slim to none. But listening to steel drum music, sipping rum and sampling Island foods are not out of the question. It’s all a state of mind. So if you  are looking for an escape to the Tropics, let Island Rice with Peas be the first stamp in your imagination’s passport. Now where did I put that bottle of rum?

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