A Beautiful Friday Night Supper

On the National Front, today is Oyster Day, Underwear Day, Work like a Dog Day and Water Balloon Day (1st Friday in August). With the exception of Oysters, none of those celebrations have anything to do with food. As for oysters – not my cup of tea. Never have been, never will.

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Fourth Sunday of Advent

The time has come to light the fourth candle in the Advent Wreath. As far as the wreath is concerned, the wait is over. The next candle to be lit will be on Christmas Morning. This is the final Sunday of Advent, dedicated to God’s unconditional love.

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My Italian Birthday Feast

Way, way back in the day when I was the party queen, as in going out to P-A-R-T-Y, hitting all the hots spots and dining in fancy to-die-for 5-Star joints meant life was awesome. As a young grandma raising our grandson, my daytime world revolved around PTA, school and church functions. Anything that required high-heeled shoes was a big deal. Hubby wore a suit and tie to the office back then, so his weekends were all about blue jeans and tee-shirts. Since blue jeans and tee-shirts are the standard issue uniform for stay-at-home type people, my weekends were all about the simple black dress. As in any good marriage, we learned to compromise. On the weekends, we lounged during the day, then called a sitter and painted the town at night. We had the best of both worlds.

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Creamy Dreamy Herb Risotto

I’ve always been a rice eater. With a Filipino Mom, we often had rice as a side when others had mashed potatoes. Roast beef and rice with gravy wasn’t uncommon. My dear brother loved Rice for breakfast, covered in chocolate. I liked rice with milk, butter and sugar for a hot “cereal” in the mornings. Rice was a staple in our house.

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