A Surprise for Apple Cider Day

Today is National Apple Cider Day. My first instinct was to give you a recipe for Hot Apple Cider and call it a day. But that would be far too easy, don’t you think?

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Rustic Carmel Apple Galette make Weekends Special

I am so thrilled that we will be putting our best efforts into reclaiming Sunday as a family day, to honor family traditions and bask in the company of those we love. Family Sunday can take on any form you like. For my youngest sister, Family Sunday is at the soccer field cheering on her son. For us, it’s a nice meal together at the end of a perfect day.

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Savory Vegetable Galette

I love the rustic look of this dish – perfect as a Main Vegetable Entrée rather than a side. The pastry shell can be made up to 2 days in advance, and that’s always a convenient plus. This recipe comes from Butimhungry.com. Be sure to stop by as Christina has some wonderful step-by-step photos (not to mention lots of yummy recipes to share).

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