Carne Asada Nachos with Home-Made Chips

This year as part of our Cinco de Mayo, we had the most awesome Carne Asada Taco Bar. As usual, I had far more marinated meat than we could possible use for one meal, even with family. Rather than cook it all up and have a few pounds of leftovers to deal with, we froze half of the Carne Asada meat for another day.

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Yummy Marinated Flank Steak Nachos

When I was first diagnosed with Diabetes, I thought my life was over. I would be eating like a rabbit while preparing wonderful, flavorful meals for my guys. Cooking two meals and resenting every minute of it. Have you ever noticed that people seem to react to a diagnose one of two ways? The first reaction is complete denial or over reacting. For me it was denial, until I spent three days in the ICU. Then the pendulum swung the other way – insanity set in and all I ate was lettuce. Okay, lettuce with chicken that had been poached without any seasoning. Uck!

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