New Mexican Filet Mignon Oscar

Steak Oscar, at its basic form, is a fancy name for Surf and Turf. It’s a steak (typically Filet Mignon), topped with a shell fish and served in a sauce. That leaves the creative field wide open, doesn’t it?

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Elegant Surf and Turf for Mom’s Special Day

Naturally, I have saved the very best, most indulgent menu for last. This is deserving of the highest praise. Every aspect is unique and oh so delicious. While the menu may seem complicated, demanding great skills in the kitchen, when taken step by step it’s not all that difficult.  While the recipes themselves are presented in the order they should be served, the dessert should actually be made the day before or early in the morning. The cake will need time to bake, cool, assemble and decorate. The salad can also be made in advance, to be finished just before serving. The potatoes are equally delicious served warm or at room temperature, just don’t garnish until ready to serve. The only aspect of the menu that proves to  be a challenge is the Steak Oscar. While no one element of the steak is complicated on its own, timing is everything. If my guys can do it, (as they have) I’m sure anyone can do it too.

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