Celebrate with Santa Monica Street Tacos

Nearly every site that tracks and promotes National Days tells us that tomorrow is National Taco Day. Yet there is one lone site that promotes Taco Day today. And not just any taco, but soft tacos. If you ask my guys, nearly every day should be taco day. And those that aren’t are pizza days.

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Chorizo-Lime Street Tacos

Street Tacos have been around for as long as tacos themselves. Once packed for the working man much the way a sandwich is packed in a lunch box, these tacos are now a popular items among Food Truck and Street Cart diners. Traditionally speaking, street tacos are made from fish or slow-cooked shredded pork. I’m not knocking either of these traditional fillings, but I wanted a small two-bite taco that could be whipped up in about the time it takes to brown the Chorizo meat. Traditionally speaking, street tacos are serve open-faced and folded closed by the diner. That’s all fine and dandy if you have really big plates or skip all the yummy sides such as beans and rice. Traditionally speaking, Street Tacos are sold 3 or 4 to an order. However; when making your own little tacos, you can eat to your heart’s content – and isn’t that great?

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