Bavarian Cream Filled Almond Crêpes With Berry Compote

Once again, depending upon who you listen to, today is either National Water Day, Goof Off Day, West Virginia Day (hey to all of you on your day!), Puppy Day or my personal favorite, National Bavarian Crêpes Day. I love Bavarian Cream, I love a good Crêpe, so what was not to love about this day? So off I went in search of a recipe to celebrate such a delicious day.

Many, many years ago Hubby and I had a wonderful breakfast that included Crêpes filled with a Bavarian Cream and topped with a beautiful berry compote. It was this memory that excited me as I searched high and low for the perfect recipe. There were a lot of recipes for Bavarian Cream, and recipes for Crêpes and recipes for fresh berry compotes but none that brought it all together like the photo I found for a restaurant’s breakfast special. Hum. That meant it would be up to me.

The Bavarian Cream recipe comes from a very old cookbook, Woman’s Home Companion. It is a recipe I have used in the past as a filling for cream layered cakes. The Crêpe recipe is another I have used in the past for my Almond Crêpes With Sweet Ricotta Filling. And finally, the Berry Compote is one I have used when making a special brunch of fruit topped pancakes.  What is a Crêpe but a really thin pancake? Three tried, true and delicious recipes coming together perfectly in a joyful celebration of National Bavarian Crêpe Day.

Bavarian Cream Filled Almond Crêpes With Berry Compote
Bavarian Cream
1 tablespoon unflavored Gelatin
2 tablespoons Cold Water
1 1/3 cups Milk
1/2 cup Sugar
1/4 teaspoon Salt
2 Eggs, separated
1 teaspoon Vanilla
1 cup Heavy Cream

In a small bowl, soften gelatin in cold water. While the gelatin is softening, scald milk in the top of a double boiler over simmering water.

Add gelatin, sugar, slat; stir until dissolved.

Beat the egg yolks slightly, stir in a little of the hot milk to temper the eggs. Stir the egg yolk mixture into the remaining hot milk mixture.

Cook over hot, not boiling; water until slightly thickened, 4 or 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from the hot water and let cool.

Meanwhile, whip egg whites until stiff. Set aside. Whip cream until firm peaks form. Set aside.

When the cream mixture has almost set, fold in stiff egg whites, vanilla and whipped heavy cream.

Press plastic wrap down to prevent any film from forming and chill until ready to use.

Almond Crêpes
½ Cup Finely Ground Roasted Almonds (Must be dry roasted, not raw)
1 ½ Cups flour
3 eggs
2 Cups Milk (approximately)
3 Tablespoons Vegetable Oil
¼ Teaspoon Almond Extract
Pinch of Ground Nutmeg
Pinch of Salt

In a food processor fitted with a blade, process roasted almonds to the point of a fine flour. Sift into flour, stir to combine. Sift flour mixture a second time into a large bowl. Set aside.

In a large bowl, whisk eggs until completely blended. (for best results, use whisk attachment for electric mixer). Pour eggs into a blender. Add flour mixture, vegetable oil, almond extract and ½ cup of milk, continue to blend. Slowly add remaining milk no more than ½ a cup at a time while continually blender is running. When ready, the batter should be the consistency of heavy cream. Stir in ground nutmeg and a pinch of salt. Refrigerate batter for 30 minutes.

Heat small non-stick skillet or Crêpe pan to medium heat. Pour enough Crêpe mixture into pan to just cover the bottom. Cook for about 1-2 minutes. When mixture has turned a golden color, turn Crêpe with a spatula and cook other side for about 30 seconds.

Fresh Berry Compote
1 1/2 cups Raspberries
1 1/2 cups Blueberries
1 cup Sugar
3 tablespoons Cornstarch
1/2 cup Grand Marnier
1/2 cup water
2 teaspoons Orange Zest

In a heavy saucepan cook berries and sugar over moderately high heat, stirring until sugar is dissolved.

Add Grand Marnier and zest and cook, stirring occasionally, until mixture just comes to a boil. While mixture is coming to a boil, in a small bowl dissolve cornstarch in water and stir in berries.

Simmer compote, stirring, 3 minutes, or until slightly thickened and cool.

Chill until ready to use.

To Assemble:
Fill each Crêpe with some of the cream down the center. Roll or fold Crêpe over the filling and plate seam-side down. Dust with powdered sugar. Top with berry compote and drizzle with remaining cream. Serve and enjoy!

Author: Rosemarie's Kitchen

I'm a wife, mother, grandmother and avid home cook.I believe in eating healthy whenever possible, while still managing to indulge in life's pleasures.

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