Armed Forces and Crêpes

Just what is Armed Forces Day? Is it strictly an often overlooked American thing? As the name suggests, Armed Forces Day is a day to honor all the brave men and women who have answered the call to protect their country. And no, it’s not just an American thing.

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Celebrating National Crêpes Suzette Day

Today has been set aside to honor one of the more unique and delicious of Food Holidays – the Crêpe Suzette! In restaurants, Crêpes Suzettes are often prepared at the table since the flambé presentation is quite the show. According to the National Holiday Calendar, the best way to observe National Crêpe Suzette Day would be to head to the nearest fancy French Restaurant and order some. Yeah, that would be great – someone else doing the prep, the assembly and the clean up. Or we could get really adventurous and make them at home. I’m game – are you?

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Bavarian Cream Filled Almond Crêpes With Berry Compote

Once again, depending upon who you listen to, today is either National Water Day, Goof Off Day, West Virginia Day (hey to all of you on your day!), Puppy Day or my personal favorite, National Bavarian Crêpes Day. I love Bavarian Cream, I love a good Crêpe, so what was not to love about this day? So off I went in search of a recipe to celebrate such a delicious day.

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Catholic Traditions and the Feast of Candlemas

As Catholic Tradition would have it, February 2nd is the Feat of Candlemas, also known as the Presentation of the Lord. So please bear with me while I share a little of my Catholic rearing.

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