Angel Hair Pasta Pomodoro

It’s interesting to me how reading a recipe can inspire an entire meal. When I read this recipe, two things sprang to mind. First, I cannot wait for my beefsteak tomatoes to be ready to harvest. Secondly, I miss my little Italian restaurant that served spaghetti in a marinara sauce as part of your meal no matter what you ordered. While this is made with Angel Hair Pasta, it reminded me of that long gone place.

So what great meal plan did this inspire? How about this lovely pasta served alongside a broiled rib eye steak with a simple salad and a nice bottle of Merlot?


Oh yeah, that’s what I call a Casual Weeknight Supper!

Angel Hair Pasta Pomodoro
4 large Beefsteak Tomatoes, cored
1 Garlic Clove, grated
1 tablespoon extra-virgin Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
Freshly ground Black Pepper
1 lb. Angel Hair Pasta
Truffle Salt, for garnish
Fresh Basil Leaves, for garnish

Note: Truffle Salt can be found at World Market or ordered on line.

Using a paring knife, score bottoms of tomatoes with an “X”. Place in a large pot of boiling water until skins begin to pull away, 2 to 3 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, transfer tomatoes to a colander. Once cool enough to handle, pierce one side with a fork and peel off skins. In a blender or food processor, pulse tomatoes with garlic, oil, salt, and pepper until slightly chunky.

Return pot of water to a boil and season generously with salt. Cook pasta according to package directions until al dente, then drain and return to pot. Stir in sauce and garnish with a pinch or two of Truffle salt and a few basil leaves. Serve immediately.

Inspired by Recipe: Delish


Author: Rosemarie's Kitchen

I'm a wife, mother, grandmother and avid home cook.I believe in eating healthy whenever possible, while still managing to indulge in life's pleasures.

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