Rolling Down the Highway

Rise and shine with the morning sun, or at least the promise of sun. The upside to a road trip is that you get to see so much more of a country than you might otherwise have seen from a train or a plane. The down side is that every few days, it’s time to pack it up, load it up and hit the road once more.

While the distance between Seaside and Depoe Bay is only 104 miles, it would be a day’s journey. There were stops to make and things to see. And then there was the highway itself, twisting along the rugged coast.

Seaside Oregon
Saying good-bye to Seaside wasn’t easy. There had been so much more to see and do. Once the car was loaded (according to Hubby with everything including the kitchen sink), we walked down to the beach to take one last long look. Perhaps it is because we are so far north this trip, I couldn’t help but notice that the berries have yet to ripen.

Hubby was sweet enough to drive into the downtown area so I could take a few pictures of the Promenade, Broadway, Lewis and Clark and the early morning feathered residence. It was a cold, dreary morning. Yet we held out hope the further south, the sun would be shining.

Cannon Beach
Our first “side” stop on the drive from Seaside to Depoe Bay was Cannon Beach. The attraction here is Haystack Rock.. It is a sea stack, standing some 235-feet tall. The nearby large rocks are called “The Needles” as someone seems to have a sense of humor. The tide pools are not to be missed, teaming with starfish, sea anemone, crabs and sea slugs. The giant rocks are also a nesting site for gulls and puffins.

As we were leaving Cannon Beach, we noticed some cute baby bunnies peeking out from the vegetation near the parking area. Much to our surprise, on the freeway on-ramp was yet another rabbit. There were rabbits everywhere!

Cannon Beach to Tillamook
Driving non-stop and sticking to the Coastal Highway 101; from Cannon Beach to Depoe Bay, our final destination on this leg, is about a two-hour drive. But the whole point of a driving holiday vacation is that the journey is as important as the destination. There was too much beauty to take in, and Tillamook had far too many interesting things to do. Nope, stops were a must. Besides, we had all day.

Tillamook Oregon was to be our next real stopping point. If you have heard of Tillamook Cheese or any of a number of delicious dairy products, then you are at least somewhat familiar with the Tillamook brand. And believe it or not, there’s more to Tillamook than just cows!

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