Arugula on a Burger – Who would have Thought?

Those of you who have been following along for a while (and I thank you), you know that Hubby and I have been a couple for over 30 years. We met at a job interview, I got the job, three weeks later we went on our first date. The date turned into five days of blissful insanity with us saying “I do.” Hey, when it’s right, it’s right.

What you might not know is that I had children. Hubby did not, so with no point of reference, he became a parent overnight. And not to toddlers, mine were pre-teens. And we all know what that means – they were walking, talking opinions that knew everything there was to know. Not exactly the easiest position for a newly made parent. Eight years into our marriage, along came Kiddo, our grandson who has been with us since birth. Hubby’s parenting experiences have been a bit backwards, beginning with teenagers and ending with an infant. It has also meant that for nearly all of our married existence, we have not had much “couple” time. That is until now. Kiddo still lives with us, but he is off doing his own thing most of the time. Suddenly Hubby and I find ourselves as a couple, holding hands, taking long drives in the country and having lunch together just the two of us. It’s amazing and this new found independence from family life has given us the opportunity to fall in love all over again as a couple.

I bring this up because a few weekends ago, Hubby and I took a drive up into the foothills just the two of us. We meandered through the countryside, wandered around a small Flea Market bursting with rusted stuff, then drove down into a quaint town for lunch, and some window shopping.

Lunch was at a pub on Main Street with the most awesome burgers. These were 10-ounce burgers. Can you imagine? Burgers that big were a bit on the medium-rare side, but that was okay. The meat was delicious. And I loved the use of Arugula instead of lettuce. While we all know that Arugula has a pepper flavor, I never appreciated it until now. I gotta say, I might never go back to lettuce on my burger again.

Arugula Burger
2 1/2 lbs Ground Chuck
Ground Black Pepper to taste
8 slices Smoked Bacon
4 slices Beefsteak Tomato
4 Hamburger Buns
Butter as needed
4 slices Sharp Cheddar Cheese
Mayonnaise as needed
4 oz Arugula

Mix ground beef with pepper. Form into four 10-ounce burgers. Chill well. Cook bacon crisp, set aside on paper towels to drain. Keep warm. Slice tomato, set aside until ready to assemble the burgers. Brush hamburger buns with a little butter, set aside until ready to toast.

Heat griddle or grill to medium-high heat. Sear hamburgers to get a nice crust on the outside. Reduce heat to medium, cover and cook to desired doneness, about 8 minutes per side.

While the burgers are cooking, toast buns either on the same griddle or under the broiler.

Just before the burgers are ready to come off the griddle, top with cheese and let the cheese just begin to melt.

To assemble the burgers, spread some mayonnaise on the top and bottom bun. Place a hamburger patty on each of the bottom buns. Top with bacon, arugula and the top bun. Serve and enjoy.

Author: Rosemarie's Kitchen

I'm a wife, mother, grandmother and avid home cook.I believe in eating healthy whenever possible, while still managing to indulge in life's pleasures.

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