Antipasto Salad Skewers

Spring is in the air. I love spring entertaining. I adore warm afternoons with cool nights. I am captivated by all the colors of spring. I want everything that graces my table to be bright and delicious and inspiring. One of my favorite of an Italian evening (besides the breads and wines) is the antipasto platter. There is so much versatility in the platter, filled with wonderful ribbons of cured meats, the brightness of vegetables and the creaminess of cheeses. And let’s not overlook the presentation. Everything just seems more special on a skewer, don’t you think?

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Antipasto Platter

Recently, my baby sister invited Hubby, Kiddo and I to her home for an evening of Liar’s Dice. She was making a big pot of Spaghetti, bread and a salad. I wanted to bring something keeping with her Italian supper theme. If you haven’t noticed by now, let me clue you in – when invited to a party I always offer to bring a little something, and then go a little nuts. Dish after dish – not just one appetizer or side dish, but a trunk-load.

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