A Little Freaky Fun!

What can I say – I could not wait until next year to share our Halloween Fun with you. Everyone did such an amazing job with their costumers and especially with the food. I just could not tuck all this fun away to share next year.

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Wow Them with a Gobble Cheese Ball

If this Turkey Cheese Ball seems familiar, you are right. I shared him with you a few years back as part of an ensemble of Thanksgiving Appetizers. This particular appetizer has evolved over the years. He deserved his own spotlight.

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Friday and National Cheese Ball Day

Wow – do you realize we are over half-way through April? How the heck did that happen? Oh, I know – it’s flying by because March was unusually long. Am I wrong, or were there something like 200 days in March? I don’t know if time moving swifter is a good thing or a bad thing. I can’t tell anymore if we are running toward a bottomless cliff. Do we hit the breaks or keep on going? Your guess is as good as mine.

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Bacon Jalapeño Jack Cheese Ball

Hey everyone! Did you know that, according to the National Food Calendar, today is National Cheese Ball Day? According to those in the know, we can participate in one of two ways – the real deal of a ball made from cheese served with crackers or by eating Cheese Ball Puffs. Hum – real cheese or corn puffed up in a ball. Real goodness or an orange dusting of cheese “flavor”.  Cheese Balls, as in the real deal, make their presents known in our house during the Holidays, or Thanksgiving in the form of a pumpkin patch or a Turkey, and Halloween in the form of a Big Black Rat.

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Awesome Make-Ahead Snacks for Vegging-Out

How often do you find yourself vegging out in front of the TV with a big bag of chips and some store-bought dip? Your vegging all the way – shoes off, feet up, flipping around the channels and wondering if there is anything worth watching on the Boob-Tube (Kiddo always snickers when I call the TV a Boob-Tube).

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