A Little Freaky Fun!

What can I say – I could not wait until next year to share our Halloween Fun with you. Everyone did such an amazing job with their costumers and especially with the food. I just could not tuck all this fun away to share next year.

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It’s Candy Corn Day!

Candy Corn is one of those Halloween Treats that people either can’t get enough of or avoid at all costs. I think as kids we loved Candy Corn because it was about as obnoxiously sweet as you could get. As adults, our tastes have gone in another direction.

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Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers

Did you know that today is National Pumpkin Pie Day? You would think that Thanksgiving would be National Pumpkin Pie Day, but it’s today. And no, I’m not sharing a pumpkin pie recipe. The National Day only served to inspire me.

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Big Black Rat Cheese Ball and other Halloween Ideas

What can I say – I was one of those strange kids that liked to play with my food – sculpting, molding, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.  I remember watching Close Encounters and thinking yeah, give me some mashed potatoes . . .

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