A Spooky Goblin Supper in Three Courses

We have all seen the “snacks” for Halloween. Most of these are cute and kid-friendly. My Fun Party Foods for Halloween from last year is a prime example. We had fun with Barbecued Bat Wings (crock-pot chicken wings in a barbecue sauce), Deviled Spider Eggs (deviled eggs decorate with black olive spiders), and a Witches Broom Platter (string cheese brooms with pretzel broom handles). Cute, fun and all easy to assemble.

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Big Black Rat Cheese Ball and other Halloween Ideas

What can I say – I was one of those strange kids that liked to play with my food – sculpting, molding, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.  I remember watching Close Encounters and thinking yeah, give me some mashed potatoes . . .

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