It’s Chopstick Day!

Today is National Chopstick Day. In our house we have a strange tradition. Be it eating at home or dining out, when it comes to Asian dishes, the first bite is always taken with a chop stick.

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Fried Rice Day and Fond Memories

Today is National Fried Rice Day. It’s a day the resonates so well with me. As many of you know, I come from a mixed marriage. Dad is an Okie with Irish-Cherokee roots. Mom was a Filipino by way of Spain with a splash of Chinese for good measure.

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In an Instant, It’s All in The Wok

Today was one of those days when it was nearly impossible to pick which delicious day to celebrate. Now I know in the past when I’ve found myself in such a pickle, I’ve managed to bring it all together. But not this time around.

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Celebrating National Fried Rice Day with Super Fast Vegetable Fried Rice

Did you know that today is National Fried Rice Day? Yep, an entire day dedicated to fried rice. I love fried rice. What I don’t like about it is that authentic fried rice is something that requires planning. Everyone knows the best rice is day-old or at least hours old rice.

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Mom’s Basic Fried Rice with a Dash of Tagalog

Growing up in a mixed culture household, rice often graced our dinner table. While other families dined on mashed potatoes with creamy gravy, we ate a ton of white rice smothered in that same delicious gravy. Oh sure, if there were a roast in the oven, it was a safe bet that our starchy side for the evening were potatoes. However; more often than not those spuds were not mashed but rather quartered and roasted alongside the beef, soaking in all those wonderful flavors of the pan drippings.

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