Pearl Harbor Not to be Forgotten

I grew up in the sleepy little hamlet of Florin California, in the shadow of the Golden State’s capital city. Before World War II, Florin was rich in agriculture. Grape vineyards and fields of sweet strawberries stretched out as far as the eye could see. The early settlers that migrated to the area were of European and Asian descent.

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Mom’s Basic Fried Rice with a Dash of Tagalog

Growing up in a mixed culture household, rice often graced our dinner table. While other families dined on mashed potatoes with creamy gravy, we ate a ton of white rice smothered in that same delicious gravy. Oh sure, if there were a roast in the oven, it was a safe bet that our starchy side for the evening were potatoes. However; more often than not those spuds were not mashed but rather quartered and roasted alongside the beef, soaking in all those wonderful flavors of the pan drippings.

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