Is It Too Late to Barbecue?

One of the things that I love about Face Book is when a memory pops up that you might want to share again. Recently a nine-year-old post for a Marinated Steak popped up. This brings me to the question – is it too late to barbecue?

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Celebrate with Santa Monica Street Tacos

Nearly every site that tracks and promotes National Days tells us that tomorrow is National Taco Day. Yet there is one lone site that promotes Taco Day today. And not just any taco, but soft tacos. If you ask my guys, nearly every day should be taco day. And those that aren’t are pizza days.

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The Triumph of the All American Steak Burger

Four years ago, as we were wandering about the grocery store, I noticed a display for Sutter Homes Wine and their Build a Better Burger contest. Hum, I’ve never entered a contest before. I’ve never been brave enough to enter a recipe contest. Me? I’m just a home cook, nothing special. Yet I really wanted to be brave. What was the worst that could happen?

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Cozumel Inspired Crab-Stuffed Skirt Steak in a Chipotle Cream Sauce

Many years ago, while in Cozumel, I had the most delicious grilled beef roll filled with succulent crab and served with a spicy cream sauce. The flavors, the textures, sweet citrus and spicy hot chilies dancing about on my tongue was amazing. This was a dish I wanted to have again and again. The problem was, I didn’t have a recipe.

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