Keeping Our Easter Vigil Simple

Many of the traditions we associate with Easter are not actually found in the Bible. An egg-laying rabbit is a great example of traditions not based in scripture. Eggs are a symbol of fertility and new life. Rabbits are prolific procreators, another ancient symbol of fertility and new life. And Easter is the promise of life after death.

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Holy Saturday’s Easter Vigil

As a Christian, today is a day of sorrow and of joy. Joy in the belief that Christ is the Risen Lord. Sorry for having caused Him pain and suffering. The reason that Catholic Churches have the Crucifix displayed above the alter rather than an empty cross is to remind us of the price of sin.

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Preparing for Easter with a Vigil Tea

Today marks the 40th Day of Lent, the darkest of days, the Easter Vigil. It is the day of mourning, of dark uncertainty before the blessings of Easter Morning are revealed. Thought, reflection and prayer went into creating this menu for my first Easter Vigil Tea.

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